The real story about Daniel Castellani leaving Perugia

By Santiago Gabari – In the scoop we published last wednesday we made it clear that the dismissal of Daniel Castellani from Sir Safety Perugia was hard to believe. The results, its fans, players, all of them supported the argentinean coach. But there was someone that always wanted another one: President Gino Sirci always wanted Slodobam Kovac.

It is not an horror movie. It is not a forgetable franchise nor an unworthy team. It is simply about a careless President without ethics. It is about a President that was obsessed with a coach and gave him the job as soon as he could.

The story began when on vacations Mr. Sirci had to look for a coach and the serbian Kovac, who coached the team from 2011 until 2014 and achieved to climb to the highest cathegory, rejected the offer because he was committed with Iran. But once he was fired in October, the odyssey began for Daniel Castellani and his players.

The dense atmosphere generated by Mr. Sirci and the pressure put on the players to win everything was commonplace. The most unbelievable thing was that at the beginning of november, short after the first league match in SuperLega (10-35-15, 3-0 vs Verona), serbian Kovac signed the contract for the 2016/2017 season.

Since that day, since the first league match, Mr. Sirci managed to put things hard. He disappeared from the aisles and gyms after the fifth round when Perugia was defeated 3-0 by the Civitanova. The rumors of a change of coach were installed.
But then, Daniel Castellani decided to start all over again: “Guys, I know it’s difficult but we have to stop thinking about whats happening outside y focus on what we do. Keep on working and play as we want to”, might have been the words of argentinean coach.
The players got the message. The team began to play better and better. They lost against Modena despite their perfect job in defense (36 points in 3 sets) y block (14 points). But Gazzeta reinstalled the problem and last sunday Perugia won against Piacenza by 3-0 and the tifosi gave Castellani a surprising ovation. They noticed that Kovac would be back in charge and that Castellani, despite people’s support, had a few hours left.
The truth is last Tuesday Perugia won again and seeing that it was harder to fire the argentinean coach for sporting reasons, Sirci decided to fire him anyway. It is clear, Kovac have to win the championship. If not, nothing can explain why dispising a Daniel Castellani’s 30 year career, name and knowledge.
Picture: Sir Safety Perugia
Traduction: Melina Dionisi